Verstegen Spices & Sauces

Founded in 1886 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Verstegen Spices & Sauces is a family company, currently in its fourth generation of ownership.  As a market-leading producer and supplier of ingredients and food products, our philosophy is simple; to source, produce and supply only the best quality products and to inspire you with new tastes and ideas.

We’re dedicated to using the very best spices in everything that we make. As we believe that quality starts at origin, Verstegen sources ingredients from all corners of the world, relying on the best environments, farming and harvesting. We have the products, and the experience of providing the best quality ingredients to all food markets.

We’re proud of our long history of providing essential ingredients to food professionals, as well as home users. People who really care about the quality of ingredients they cook with.

The most important aspect within Verstegen is sustainability. The chain from farmer to consumer must be transparent, fair and sustainable for people, the environment and society. This way, we can provide you with sustainable herbs and spices of the best quality.

Verstegen has always had an incredibly close relationship with butchery. This goes back to the very beginning of the company, where we’d produce spice mixes and blends for Dutch sausage makers.

We’ve come a long way since then, but our dedication to providing the best quality ingredients, along with our affinity for the butcher, hasn’t changed in the slightest. Since operating in the UK, we’ve developed a fantastic relationship across the meat industry, particularly with the retail butcher.

Our World Grill marinades and sauces have been incredibly successful in adding real value to what is offered in a display counter. The rise of things like oven-ready meals have given butchers another fantastic way to attract more customers and offer a product, along with a level of service that can’t be matched by larger supermarkets.

We want to help butchers grow, whilst still offering their customers the level of quality that they’re so proud to put on display. With new products, recipes, and innovations, we’re looking forward to working together for the foreseeable future.