Newman’s Fine Foods

Newmans Fine Foods is an independent food service distributor serving England and South Wales.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the food industry, a passion for the quality meat, meat products and ingredients.

We are your extra member of staff be that a, Butcher, Baker or Chef providing you with the same high quality products that you would expect to produce in you own store or kitchen.

Newmans Fine Foods are committed to providing quality, value for money and a friendly, efficient, personal service from all our team. We source the best, from suppliers in the UK and Europe and our refrigerated vans deliver to your door weekly or fortnightly.

We work very closely with our suppliers and other associated Businesses and can help and advise you on recipes

Award Winning Premium Breaded Gluten Free Chicken Products

Made using 100% premium grade Chicken fillet along with the cleanest ingredients possible producing gluten free chicken products that have very natural homemade appeal.

Offering a range of products that will sell well in any retail environment along with weight specific products for the foodservice industry.

Where possible in the range some of the products are also Dairy & Egg Free.

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Peka Potato Products

A premium range of cooked chilled Potato products.

Parboiled and then chilled to halt the cooking process maintaining maximum colour, taste, nutrients and prolonging their shelf life.

Products ranging from the purest form, with nothing added just honest and natural potatoes giving chefs the freedom to create their own dishes along with products that ready made saving on labour for busy kitchens.

Authentic Indian Snacks

A range of Handmade Samosas and Spring rolls.

Sweet & Savoury Pastry

A premium range of sweet and savoury pastry shells and lids saving the professional chef, cook or baker valuable time in a fast paced industry more time to create their own products.

We can also supply pastry cases bespoke to your owns requirements.

Puff Pastry

A range of frozen puff pastry rolls, sheets and shapes.

Flan Case
Individual Oval
Tray Bake
Large Oval