J&N Food Equipment Ltd

J&N Food Equipment Ltd

Who Are We?

J&N Food Equipment are a family based business with over 100 years of experience combined. With nine staff members we have created a highly experienced team who have the knowledge to advise and guide you in the correct direction for your personal requirements.

What Do We Do?

J&N Food Equipment supply the highest quality food processing equipment to both new and existing customers all over the world. We listen to customers to provide a service envied by many of our competitors. We provide repairs and servicing work for many types of food equipment, due to a reliable team of engineers and a range of spare parts. We sell a wide range of brands including ABM, Dadaux, Thompson, Henkelman.

Where Are We?

J&N Food Equipment are based in Epworth, Yorkshire. In June 2019 we moved to a brand new premises, this move gives us the opportunity to expand with the business. We now have a test kitchen, giving us the ability to demonstrate the capabilities of our equipment to customers on site.

Why J&N Food Equipment?

J&N Food Equipment value the status they’ve earned in the industry. Over the last two decades we have given all new and existing customers the exact same time and dedication. We’ve built a reputation across the UK and worldwide that we are proud of, as reflected in our testimonials.

ABM F1000

The ABM F1000 is an exclusive import to J&N Food Equipment Ltd and is the latest addition to the ABM range of burger machines. Small in footprint but large in output, the F1000 can deliver up to 1400 burgers per hour.

The patty formers provide precision portion control of burgers, meatballs, and fish cakes and a wide variety of food products. Homemade style patties are deposited onto the discharge conveyor with or without paper. The thickness of portions is adjustable to achieve various weights.

View video, brochure, and more information on our website here:  https://www.jnequipment.co.uk/burger-machines/abm-f1000